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1 June 09


Things I’m hoping to cross off in June:

  • 4. Dye my hair
  • 5. Take a fitness class
  • 20. Sew an apron - I have all the materials now!
  • 40. Get a plant - a good time to get one with all the garden centres
  • 50. Go to the movies alone - I really want to see UP so that might be my film
  • 55. Go in a picnic - I’m hoping that this can be done on one of my Sundays off
  • 66. Learn how to make a martini
  • 89. Buy fun rainboots - If I don’t buy them soon they’ll be gone until next year
  • 93. Read a book on my balcony in the sunshine - It’s rainy right now but June should have some sunny days
  • 98. Fly a kite

Hoping to make headway on a few others like sending more cards/packages and watching/reading more classics and cooking with new ingredients and all that.

Will, as always, keep you posted.

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